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Xircon Homes

Xircon Homes

Bringing Your New Home to Life

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Xircon Homes

Xircon Homes: Bringing Your New Home to Life

At Xircon Homes, we believe that everyone deserves to experience daily beauty. Our commitment to quality modern living extends from our thoughtfully designed floorplans and exteriors to the inclusion of premium appliances, materials, and finishes, all at an affordable price.

With Xircon Homes, your lifestyle preferences take priority. We specialise in creating stylish and modern homes that offer excellent value and are designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Our focus is on delivering exceptional construction and premium-quality homes finished to the highest standards, accompanied by outstanding service. 

Escape the Rental Cycle and Build Your First Home in Melbourne

Tired of rental inspections and seeking permission for every little change? Our team of experts can help you realise your dream of homeownership with affordable house and land packages in and around Melbourne!

In approximately 20 weeks, you could be receiving the keys and moving into a stunning new home that you can finally call your own!

Replace Your House with a Stunning New Home on Your Current Block

Love your location, but not your house? Say goodbye to moving stress by knocking down your old house and building a dream home in its place.

At Xircon Homes, we specialise in high-quality, competitively priced homes. Our knockdown rebuild specialists maximise your land’s potential, creating the home you’ve always envisioned. Keep your address, land, and neighbourhood; we’ll replace your old house with a beautiful new dream home!

Trusted knockdown and Rebuild Builder in Melbourne

You love where you live, but not your home? Choose the hassle-free option of knocking down your house and starting fresh with Xircon Homes. We provide a perfect solution for homeowners who want to stay in their current location but desire a new property. We’ll demolish your current home and construct a personalised new one. Enjoy the convenience, practicality, and low maintenance of a new property.

Why Knock Down and Rebuild?

As experienced knock-down and rebuild builders in Melbourne, we bring your dream home to life within your timeframe and budget. Renovations can be overwhelming and costly, leaving you with an unsatisfactory result. With knockdown and rebuild, you start fresh and customise every detail. Stay in your beloved area throughout the process.

The Knockdown Rebuild Process

It’s straightforward:

Choose your design: Collaborate with us to design a home that suits your lifestyle.

Knock down and prepare: We’ll demolish your old house, clear the site, and prepare for construction.

Construction: We’ll build your new home, providing regular updates on progress.

Move-in: Once your new home is ready and meets your approval, you can move in.

Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-year structural guarantee and an extended 12-month maintenance guarantee, surpassing industry standards.

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